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When stories of the lawlessness of Rance Morgan and the murderous gang he rules reached the ears of the Lone Ranger and Tonto they headed immediately for Kerr's Corners The masked rider friend to all in troube knew that Sheriff Perbody was at his wit's end to collect evidence against a ring leader who seemed protected from the law at every turn And Rance Morgan was protected for his henchmen operated in many and various ways and included men of position and high office Even the masked rider was baffled but with Tonto tracking down every scent and the Lone Ranger seeming everywhere at once even the wily lawyer Abercrombie could not hide the truth Here is the Lone Ranger at his bravest and most daring and here is Tonto uietly bravely gathering facts to make possible the last round up of Rance Morgan and his treacherous gang

10 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger at the Haunted Gulch

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    Was hoping for being a Lone Ranger story but found it to be lacking Even though he preceded the Masked Rider by a handful of years the younger of the two masked pulp cowboys definitely has a leg up on the popular oneAll in all a simple story made for an easy read that was about on par with the 2013 Disney film

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    This was a good TLR story with mystery action and an escape from the haunted gulch There's also one of those touching and romantic moments with the Ranger and the lady in distress It's a classy read and really fun for TLR fans like myself and for those just looking for trip down memory lane

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    This was a nice story TLR with action adventure and mystery We see the Ranger and Tonto escape from the 'haunted' gulch and we see The Ranger in a sort of uiet moment before the storm breaks as a TLR fan it's nice to see him in this rare manner throughout the stories A good TLR story