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Overall a good book, but I didn t find it as interesting as the first I feel like mysteries can depend on interesting investigators, an interesting crime, or a blend of both In this case, both the mystery and Monk s development beyond confused amnesiac detective left a lot to be desired Now, to be fair, confused amnesiac detective is a pretty awesome premise, but the author didn t cover much new ground for Monk personally in this book compared to the previous His professional developments were interesting enough, but Perry mostly seemed to use this book to set up future novels, so it felt pretty flat emotionally To be fair, Hester Latterly and a mostly new character, Oliver Rathbone, are both interesting, sympathetic characters, and I m excited to seeof them The mystery itself and its conclusion were disappointing Personally I thought the resolution or at least, the main antagonists were fairly obvious As a very nitpicky sidebar, all of the characters are very definite about the fact that women won t be able to be doctors, never, ever, oh no, poor Hester I would have liked at least a throwaway line about Elizabeth Blackwell and some hope for the future EB graduated from medical school in the US in 1849 then studied in Paris in 1852 or thereabouts She worked in England in the late 1850s and was a recognized physician there Either way, 4 7 years before our characters come into contact with each other she had medical training and was recognized in the States and in Europe Now, I m not saying this would have significantly altered Hester s career path, but you d think it would at least have come up in conversation. This is book 2 in the William Monk detective series I greatly enjoyed it With the Victorian setting it reminds me of playing Clue as a child which was a game I loved At times there was a bit too much unnecessary dialogue which slows the pace of the story So, I skimmed through those parts just to speed it up That s my only complaint Otherwise the author had me fooled on who did it I was right on one of the culprits but I had thought my culprit was the murderer and he actually wasn t..I like Monk as a character and I m interested in his life I also like Hesternow She kind of annoyed me in book 1 She wasreal or admirable in this book I will be carrying on with book 3 and see what other adventures are to be had. From The Beloved Creator Of Inspector Pitt And His Wife, The Second In The Victorian Mystery Series Started By The Face Of A Stranger No Breath Of Scandal Had Ever Touched The Aristocratic Moidore Family Until Sir Basil S Daughter Was Stabbed To Death A Richly Textured, Masterfully Plotted, Thoroughly Enjoyable Story Kirkus Reviews Review written May 28, 20183.7 Stars Enjoying old styled whodunnit mystery Book 2 Maybe not as interesting and intriguing as the first part about Police inspector William Monk and the nurse Hester Latterly but whiteout doubt enjoying enough Monk is still lacking 95% of his memory and he is struggling hard with whom he is, both now and wath kind of person he was known to be earlier, then before the accident His boss is still a unbelievable dumb jerk and it s actually kind of nice to sincerely dislike that stupid man The female character Hester Is the style of a brave and modern women heroine past then I truly like in books.Yes, I will continue Looking forward to start the next book 3 Defend and Betray in this never ending William Monk serial 24 books I listened to the 14 48 hours audiobook very very well narrated by Davina Porter.I LIKE Monk With a book by Anne Perry, you not only get a good mystery, but you learn about cultural s, what life is like in Victorian London, court procedures and even some information of what is eaten This is the second of the series with Policeman, William Monk, who has lost most of his memory due to an accident There are some changes in his life during this book, and I look forward to his further sleuthing. This is the second book in the William Monk series by Anne Perry There is a pattern to her books that I find intriguing, yet comforting I did not start with the first book I read several later books in the series by Perry when I first discovered her Then I decided to figure out where the beginning of the series was It has cleared up so many questions for me They all seem to be about 12 to 13 chapters long the beginning is usually about Monk and nurse Hester Latterly working on a new case Monk is first with the police department in London, but then quits to become a private investigator after quarreling with his vitriolic boss, Runcorn as the case develops, it becomes entangled with a case that Oliver Rathbone barrister extraordinaire and friend to both Hester and Monk is involoved in When we are certain that Rathbone will lose his case, Monk and Hester dig up some information that saves the day Meanwhile, though, we are treated to the foggy, atmospheric climate of London primarily along the Thames River during the 19th century Perry includes references to America and the Civil War, along with references to the recently fought Crimean War, in which Hester served as a nurse alongside Florence Nightengale And like the first book, Monk is struggling to find out about his past and what kind of man he was before his terrible accident. Once again Perry has pulled me into her world She gave puzzle pieces, clues, to solve the unknown picture I thoroughly enjoyed how she left me hanging at the end of The Face of A Stranger, the first book in the Monk series I had to know what was going to happen to Inspector Monk so I followed him to A Dangerous Mourning Only now, she has me evenfascinated with Hester to boot I am very drawn to the main characters Monk and Hester They have such admirable qualities They are witty and do not hesitate to share their opinions They always seem to handle situations wonderfully Never sacrificing themselves for someone else Always aware of their thoughts and how to best handle the people and the circumstances they are in Receptive to others personality and emotions as they speak to them Characteristics that many would be fascinated with I enjoy how Perry speaks of customs and social norms Especially those pertaining to women How women were meant to be gentle, fragile beings sitting pretty doing needle work I wonder if there were a great manywomen in that era that were like Hester, wantingfrom life, wanting to make a difference.I am curious about how she unfolded the story, laying out her clues I deciphered early on that there was something in the story that had to do with Octavia s husbands dying in the war The night of her death she told her Uncle, Septimus, that he would understand better than anyone else The only major quality that was shared about Septimus was that he had been unable to spend his life with the woman he loved So I was left wondering when Monk would investigate Octavia s husbands passing Yet, I suppose a man dying in the war was nothing much to investigate Evenso, what could she possibly have in common with her Uncle Who would think to tie these two concepts in real life when there is so much else going on around them I guess it may have been a dead end, no pun intended Yet, I felt very pleased, watch me as I stroke my ego, that I had suspicions about this part of the story and was glad to see that it played out in the end.I was also keen on the characters behaviours and declared who the murderers were before there was any proof I knew who was responsible but had no idea why I feel proud that I deciphered Perry s code well part of it.Closing the book and laying it on my night stand I layed my head down on my pillow, for it was five o clock in the morning, to think about the story As the day crept on I noticed a new light inside me An energy floating around I was in a high all day I am still feeling the side affects a day later It inspired me to write, shook my muse awake as she has been sleeping for a few weeks, maybe months I am not sure when I last saw her actually It opened up a door for me and I believe it is because I saw my interests as well as messages, quotes, that spoke to me It woke me up and revitalized me and I hope to hang onto this feeling as long as I can Her ability to wrap the reader into the lives of the characters as well as bring you into their perspective is most rewarding for any writer For the characters are strong believers for every person to be themselves and pursue their interests yet recognize socially that is not acceptable in many cases It is like a self help book that snuck onto your book shelf To see the characters determined to pursue their passions, to know their strengths and not let anyone, not even social pressures detour them from their path is most amazing These characters could be real people out there.Due to my desire to follow Monk and Hester I will be picking up the next book, Defend and Betray, in the very near future to stalk them on their next adventure. The first novel in this series seemed to hold some promise in putting an end to my quest to find another series to love, but after having read the second book I can honestly say this series isn t for me I m STILL searchingThe premise of William Monk having amnesia was a good story line and really added a lot of interest to the first novel While I expected it to carry over into this second novel, I didn t expect so much repetition of it Four months are supposed to have passed in time since the ending of the last story I expected Monk to have done some investigating of his own life in order to discover who he is, especially because he would need to work the connections he had with any informants as well as navigate his hostile workplace The idea that he wouldn t have learnedabout himself in that period of time just isn t realistic I thought the story itself was far too similar to the first mystery in the series, so much so that it felt like a rehash of the same mystery, there were just too many similar ingredients The entire story was tedious, repetitious and pedantic There were far too many times where information was repeated without reason, the repetition only served to stall the momentum of the story Monk was unrealistically maudlen and the dialogue was often melodramatic and unrealistic I found it hard to believe that Sergeant John Evan would be unfamiliar with the duties of a footman as he claims to be at one point in the story There are far too many unrealistic questions asked which only to offer the author the opportunity to educate the reader on the s of Victorian life When you choose to narrate a novel in the third person you have every opportunity to educate the reader without the need to insert unrealistic diologue in order to do so And the education of the reader on the Victorian period was tiring.The things that pulled me into the story in the first novel were not developed at all in the second novel It s as if the author just repeated the same storyline without showing any growth or evolution to the characters Most disappointing was the relationship between Monk and Evan which was virtually nonexistent in this novel.Sadly I m still looking for a good series to read Description From the beloved creator of Inspector Pitt and his wife, the second in the Victorian mystery series started by The Face of a Stranger No breath of scandal had ever touched the aristocratic Moidore family until Sir Basil s daughter was stabbed to death A richly textured, masterfully plotted, thoroughly enjoyable story.Walkies This is the mediocre murder mystery of Ms Moirdore Mordor in her very own boudoir, at that Enjoyable enough as I tramped through newly sprouted spring green birches Perry writes in a slow style that couches repetitious information which seems baggy in today s crime fiction world.3 The Face of a Stranger William Monk, 1 3 A Dangerous Mourning William Monk, 2 2 A Sudden, Fearful Death William Monk, 4 TR Silence in Hanover Close Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 9 3 The Shifting Tide William Monk, 14 4 Dark Assassin William Monk, 15 4 Execution Dock William Monk, 16 3 Paragon Walk Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 3 TR Resurrection Row Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 4 3 Death in the Devil s Acre Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 7 TR Bethlehem Road Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 10 TR Highgate Rise Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 11 3 A Christmas Guest Christmas Stories, 3 3 A Christmas Beginning Christmas Stories, 5 2 The Sheen on the Silk I was so impressed by the first Inspector Monk book that I dashed to the library to get the next two in the series, of which this is 2 I have to admit I did not find it quite so entertaining as the first, but the promise is still there The anticipated blossoming romance between William Monk and Hester Latterly does not seem to be going too well they still don t like each other , and Monk s performance here as a detective seems less than stellar at the end of the novel, Monk is standing outside the house, fired and disgraced, while Sergeant Evan does the arresting , but I shall definitely continue with the series.The real interest in this novel is the depiction of the interrelationships between the upper and lower classes of Victorian society, in this case largely confined to a single family household a couple, their three children and the latter s marriage partners one already deceased , the brother of the wife and the sister of the husband, and two grandchildren and the servants the cook, the butler, the housekeeper, two ladies maids, the scullery maid, the kitchen maid, the upstairs maid, the between stairs maid, two laundrymaids, the parlormaid, the bootboy, the groom, and the footman and there might have been two each of the last two All of these had names, of course, and I found it difficult to keep them all straight in my head particularly because sometimes they were identified by first name and sometimes by title surname all mixed up with the overflow of characters from the preceding book, from Hester s friend mentor, Lady Callandra Daviot Monk s superior, the disagreeable Runcorn Sergeant Evans and the lawyer, Oliver Rathbone, not to mention Dr Pomeroy, Hester s new superior, plus a couple minor characters brought in for a page or two In case you lost count, that is 34 ordifferent characters, which is a bitthan I can keep straight in my head The chilling differences between high society and the lower classes which to the members of high society meant everyone who was not is striking I am aware at all times that I am reading this as a 21st century citizen of the United States with 20th century beliefs and attitudes, whereas it is written by a Scottish woman who may find the social classesfamiliar but is describing the society and culture that livedthan a century previously, but it is an education, nevertheless It is sometimes confusing but always interesting and once again I find myself glad I did not live in that time It is clear that Ms Perry has done a lot of research into contemporary language, devices, and warfare activities, and I have to presume that the depiction is largely accurate and true to life and I would rather live here and now.