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In this fascinating book Chris Abbott a leading political analyst takes a close look at 21 key speeches which have shaped the world today He examines the power of the arguments embedded in these speeches to inspire people to achieve great things or do great harm Abbott draws upon his political expertise to explain how our current understanding of the world is rooted in pivotal moments of history These moments are captured in the words of a range of influential speakers including Emmeline Pankhurst Martin Luther King Jr Enoch Powell Napoleon Beazley Kevin Rudd Alexander Solzhenitsyn Ronald Reagan George W Bush Osama bin Laden Margaret Beckett Winston Churchill Salvador Allende Margaret Thatcher Tony Blair Tim Collins Mohandas Gandhi Dwight D Eisenhower Robin Cook and Barack Obama The speeches in this book are arranged thematically linked by concepts such as 'might is right' 'with us or against us' and 'give peace a chance' Each transcript is accompanied by an insightful commentary that analyses how the words relate to our modern society Fresh and relevant this is a book that will make you stop in your tracks and think about what is really happening in the world today

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    I like the idea of variety in speeches though it is some how complicated but we can't deny it's benefits the emphasizing of the author to some point of view and some of most the important moments of people that affect and change the world Forget to mention that's is better to read the book in chapter by chapter and analyse it I will re read it again Insha'Allah

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    Good speeches worth read expected a bit though Commentaries feel slightly prejudicedbiased so some speeches might be better to read without commentaries

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    When I bought the book I thought it would be just a collection of speeches Opposed to my intuition I found the book one of the best books on politics and contemporary affairs Divided into four parts each part and every chapter is preceded with best analysis and commentary by author Chris Abbott who himself is a researcher and political commentator The significant part of the collection is that the author has balanced the speeches selected for instance if there is an speech of Bush Jr on ‘War on Terror’ which follows immediately with speech of Al aeda chief Osama Bin Laden on ‘your security in your own hands’ The book really gives its readers a clarity about developments with speeches of those who had a say which have shaped the world we live in today in the 21st century relationships of those speeches with the current world and the roots of those moments in history which have links with today An ideological tour of the historical events which mature our worldview on today’s worldI strongly recommend to read and pick it up not as a collections of speeches rather as a book on politics and contemporary affairs

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    A refreshing reminder on what helped shaped what we are who we are today

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    The book was filled with historical information about the events which led up to the speeches hence as historical interested and a communication student interested in political speeches and the discourses herein this book basically combined the best of both worlds Also it was amazing to see how the author did not only go for the most famous speeches and speakers but that it also surprised with less known speakersspeeches to broaden the reader's knowledge further After each chapter I was excited to find out what speech would come next Additionally the book had a very nice division as it divided the book into four themes wherein the speeches were placed

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    I found this book to be an eye opener about the kind of leaders we have today Some are exemporary some cunny inspirational tough courageous and some shameful The book encourages us the peoplle to be careful about the leaders we promote and the ideas that they stand for it is such a beautiful book

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    very nice collection all historic words in a book that really influenced people and helped in changing the world in some way or other however big or small Each one makes you go into that situation and think what world would have gone through

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    Combination of good speeches Commentaries help in understanding the background of the speech

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    Very boring book

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    Stirring moving and illuminating This collection of speeches is far reaching and cover most aspects that you can think of that have affected us and are still affecting us in the 21st century and some like Margaret Beckett’s The Case of Climate Security that will be still affecting us in the years to come Chris Abbott seems to admit that it is human nature to separate ‘them’ and ‘us’ stating that this differentiation has determined most of the turmoil of the two World Wars the Cold War and the current wars on terrorism Whilst it is human nature to feel this way he admits that we as individuals and working together in solidarity as a whole nation of the Earth must combat this base human nature if any sort of peaceful resolution is to be found for the present and for the future I feel that his speeches reflect this feeling His speeches limited totwenty one to mark the 21st century from which they are taken are movingThe subheading to the book is ‘The people and ideas that changed the way we think’ and the speeches do Individually they are all moving motivational in part I All The World Is Human and part IV Give Peace a Chance in particular and they really do make you thinkBut individually I think it may be all too easy to read the speeches – or listen to them – and be moved for a moment only to forget them the next But by putting all of them together Abbott has created a montage of the way we think the way we thought and how this has fundamentally changed us It is the issues behind the speeches put together in this work that are the most moving Granted the skilled orators standing in front while the speechwriters are in the shadows portrayed the issues in a vivid lightChris Abbot maintaining that all his opinions are his own gives a commentary of the background of the person and the speech and also from what he gleams from the speeches His words describe well the speeches that follow and prepare you for the truth and context behind the words in order for you to better understand themHe had diplomatically focused on a range of people from all backgrounds not just politicians in Britain but from Gandhi Martin Luther King Emmeline Pankhurst to Tony Blair and Barrack Obama He also surprisingly includes a speech by Osama Bin Laden But then again why shouldn’t he? Speeches are used as a means of force to prove and to demonstrate your points often powerfully elouently and stirringly Chris Abbott leaves hardly any rock uncovered and his issues behind the speeches range from female emancipation to an apology to the stolen generations in Australia And the speeches and his commentary really do make you think Even nowhttpwwwnewbooksmagcomreviews11