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Archaia's first illustrated novel Set during the classic 1968 Planet of the Apes film Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes tells the story of what happened between the scenes and centers on the astronaut John Landon Gorilla police chief Marcus and Chimpanzee scientist Dr Milo Features over 50 illustrations from various top talents in the industry including full color paintings by Jim Steranko Joe Jusko Dave Dorman Barron Storey Sanjulian and Mark Texeira starship designs by Andrew Probert character portraits by Matt Busch

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    As a lifelong Planet of the Apes fanatic and also taking into account the overall uality and Herculean effort that almost certainly went toward the publication of this beautifully crafted volume it has been very difficult for uite some time now for this humble fanboy to actually sit down and pen a truly unbiased and objective reviewTo be sure prolific and highly imaginative author Andrew EC Gaska and all of his phenomenally talented creative staff and numerous contributors deserve immense credit for delivering such a remarkably illustrated imaginatively wrought and mostly faithfully rendered addition to established Planet of the Apes motion picture canonBut therein lies the rub because on a purely personal level perhaps I was just a tad dismayed at times with the portrayal of at least one of the long established classic Ape characters that are depicted within the pages of Conspiracy of the Planet of the ApesI shall not however labor the point because I firmly trust that with sound artistic stylistic and perhaps even deeply personal intent Mr Gaska settled upon the choices he finally made with than ample reasoning Yes admittedly not all of the characters in the story were rendered in a way that I would have chosen had I headed the project myself but indeed I am not Mr Gaska And it is Mr Gaska ultimately who deserves full credit for the outstanding uality of this than worthy work of imaginative fictionThat is why I firmly believe that Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes deserves a full five star rating; if for no other reason than the fact that the book is so richly detailed so well written and so passingly well crafted in almost every respect In short Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes by Drew EC Gaska is taken as a whole one damn fine work of artFor starters the cover and numerous full color interior illustrations alone are than worth the price of the book Further I would be lying if I said that despite this or that minor detail that didn't always jive with my prior understanding of the long established characters that the story isn't extremely cleverly rendered as well as than satisfactorily presented and realized overallEven months after greedily devouring Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes from cover to gorgeous cover I still find myself having occasion to ponder what transpired within its provocative pages And that I must admit always a very good book makesTherefore whether you're a casual or even a serious fan of the Planet of the Apes classic series of films or even a complete novice for that matter I cannot recommend this first volume in Mr Gaska's planned series highly enoughGood stuff Mr Gaska Very good stuff Keep it coming sir I know you will And one thing; thank you immeasurably for keeping the true spirit and thought provoking nature of the Planet of the Apes franchise alive and very very well indeed I anxiously await the next lovingly produced installment

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    If you are the kind of geek that likes to watch the deleted scenes from your favourite movies this will probably work for you I am a huge POTA fan Tim Burton movie aside but I liked rather than loved this The novel fills in the gaps of what happened off screen during the course of the original film when three human astronauts crash land on a planet they soon discover is ruled by talking chimpanzees gorillas and orangutans The dialogue and descriptions of the environment were very true to the look and feel of the film and everything had obviously been very well researched The text was also interspersed with excellent illustrations capturing the mood of Ape City and the action of the story The conspiracy of the title was all material which is present and alluded to in the film itself just presented in a lot detail and seen through the eyes of characters who mostly have little to no screen time plus some which have been made up for the book It was only really Dr Zaius from the film that had a big part I was a little disappointed that Zira and Cornelius were only referenced in passing although this is understandable given that much of the film was from their perspective Overall the story was cool in a nerdy way but ultimately a bit like listening to a funny joke when you already know the punch line Having watched the film you are always one step ahead of where events are going which dilutes the reading experience somewhat Where I felt it also fell down a little was it lacked the fun factor Amongst the seriousness of the film there is also some cheeky chimp comedy With a couple of exceptions there was not much in this book and a little humour would have nicely offset the sombre tone I didn’t always find the flow of the text easy to follow in part because it tended to uickly jump between time characters and situations I had to re read some sentences and paragraphs a couple of times to re orientate and establish where it had switched to Without the background knowledge from watching the first two POTA films I also was not sure that I would have understood the mutant characters and what they were doing purely from the descriptions provided While it is unlikely that someone not into the film would pick this up it would be interesting to know how they found it

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    One of the nagging uestions surrounding the Planet of the Apes franchise is how did the apes travel back in time?In Escape from the Planet of the Apes Cornelius Zira and Doctor Milo landed in 1973 in a spacecraft similar to one piloted by Col George Taylor in The Planet of the Apes These chimps an archaeologist an animal psychologist and an engineer actually came from 2000 years in the futureIn their world apes hunt man and Taylor and his crew fell victim to this upside down civilizationConspiracy of the Planet of the Apes by Andrew EC Gaska is an entertaining alternate take on the popular Apes franchise spawned by Pierre Boulle's classic Monkey Planet His talent is focusing on the smaller characters astronaut John Landon chimpanzee engineer Milo gorilla security chief Marcus and sadistic chimp surgeon Doctor GalenLandon an idealist was seen in the original film constantly taunted by Col Taylor Charlton Hestonwho cynically referred to him as the golden boy of '72Thanks to Gaska we learn a lot about Landon and the doomed mission he flew with Taylor and Dodge We know Landon had a fling with a female crew member named Stewart that he had flown a previous mission and that he also was horrified at being kept by apesWe also learn he was controlled mentally by mutants in the Forbidden Zone who consider the Apes their enemyAnd he can talk to selected apes like Milo Milo is told about the Liberty 1 ship that crashed into a lake in the Forbidden Zone and that it will prove his claim he came from spaceMilo's adventure in the Forbidden Zone and his discovery of the Liberty 1 foreshadows how he and his friends flew back in timeWhile the story is intriguing I must protest the lazy editing evident throughoutThe book is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes that no professional writer should allowFor example someone is lying prostate instead of prostrate Or saying peek instead of piue your interest; or horse when he means hoarseThat aside the book is entertaining and a worthy inclusion to the Apes franchise

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    I have always been a Planet of the Apes fan When I was much younger I loved the movies and the television show and they became my reality I still recall watching the evening news with my parents when a story came on about fighting between rebels and guerillas somewhere in South America I closely examined the video footage of the fighting and asked my mother where the gorillas where I had expected to see large apes wearing leather tunics brandishing semi automatic weapons My mother laughed and explained the difference between guerillas and gorillas That apes were not as intelligent in the real world as on Planet of the Apes That was my first real disappointment The world was not as cool as I thought it was Anyway I really enjoyed this book as it told the story of the movie Planet of the Apes not to be confused with the novel by Pierre Boule which is a somewhat different story from a different perspective I also really liked how Gaska set the stage for the next two movies in the series wrapping up some uestions one might have about how a second missions was arranged and how three apes came to our world in the 3rd movie Escape From the Planet of the Apes The book is filled with gorgeous paintings that carry the story along and these alone are worth checking out A fun book for Planet of the Apes fan

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    In Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead fashion author Andrew EC Gaska revisits the story of the 1968 Planet of the Apes film from a new perspective in the illustrated novel Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes The story follows ANSA astronaut John Landon as he crash lands on an alien planet is captured by a gorilla hunting part and is appropriated by a corrupt surgeon named Galen for his illegal experiments Other secondary characters from the film and its seuels such as Security Chief Marcus and Dr Milo are included in the plot and given backstories There's also an attempt to fill in the missing gaps in the film series' continuity The writing is especially good and seamlessly blends this new story in with scenes from the original film Additionally the art work is extraordinary; featuring 26 artists using a variety of different styles and techniues Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes is incredibly engaging and presents a fascinating new vision of this classic series though a certain level of familiarity with the films is reuired to fully appreciate it

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    This book was a lot of fun The plot runs parallel to the events of the original Planet of the Apes movie but tells the story from the point of view of another of the marooned astronauts Landon the bearded one as well as several of the other apes There are lots of uestions from the movies that are answered in this book Why did the ship crash? How did they wind up back on Earth? Why were the apes out hunting humans on that particular day? How was the spaceship salvaged? Remember the salvaged ship leads to the plot of the 3rd movie Escape from the Planet of the Apes There is also a lot of backstory about the astronauts' mission and the ape society Complaints The editing of this book was just terrible There are uite a few misspelled words typos and formatting mistakes that distract from the reading experience Overall I would recommend this book to any science fiction fan or to any fan of the Planet of the Apes series

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    I went into this book expecting to not like it and I'm surprised by how much I did enjoy it It does a good job filling in around the original movie which I should have re watched before reading this The characterizations were good and the story kept a nice serious tone throughout and didn't shy away from killing off characters I thought it was weird that the author made up the Hasslein Curve to provide time dilation when it already exists in Einstein's euations but that is a minor uibble The occasional full page paintings were a nice touch as well

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    My thoughts I recently learned of this book and being a fan of the original PLANET OF THE APES film I had to read it The story takes place at the same time as the 1968 film but concentrates on the Landon character and other apes and life in Ape City I found it uite intriguing and enjoyable This is not a graphic novel but has artwork throughout It really gets into the Ape City life some of which slowed the story down as does some of the flashbacks of Landon back on Earth and his relationship with the doomed fourth astronaut on the ship Maryann Stewart And then there are minor plot lines that explain some what transpires in the seuels A surprise but very cool This is certainly a keeper for any PLANET OF THE APES Fan

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    Gaska reveals himself as a skilled storyteller and a masterful juggler With his attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the franchise he not only puts forth a highly entertaining work of science fiction but also weaves a discordant and often contradictory history into a highly logical summation Most importantly however Gaska stays true to the vision and tone first birthed by writers Boulle Serling and Dehn by delving deep into the political religious and sociological aspect of Apes society and holding the Ape mirror up to humankind A welcome addition to the Apes franchise For my full review please go to Namel3ss Magazine