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A British airplane on fire crashes on a deserted isolated South Sea s island, in the middle of an atomic war set in the near future All the grown ups are killed and only children 12 and younger survive, how are they to cope basically an allegorical story of what is human nature , good or evil Ralph is chosen leader, Piggy his intellectual sidekick he wears glasses, this beautiful green tropical coral isle with a blue lagoon magnificent palm trees, better yet coconut trees too and plenty of yellow bananas, other fruits are seen Wild numerous pigs in the forest, plenty of fish in the ocean so no worries rightWrong Ralph has a rescue fire set which goes sadly out of control , and one of the boys is never seen again, Jack doesn t like playing second fiddle to Ralph He takes his group of choirboys followers and leaves, to form a new fierce warrior tribe on Castle Rock, painting their faces and becoming great hunters.Since Piggy s eye glasses are the only way the kids can start a fire, Jack raids Ralph s shelter and steals it, the poor helpless boy can t function without them, blind as a bat I know it s a misnomer, but it sounds great Complicating the situation is the mysterious Beast, on the mountain is it real Or just a legendEarlier Simon sees the evil head of a large boar on a stick , in the middle of the forest Lord of the Flies He has a haunting vision and flees towards the children, scaring them all In the darkness they believe it s the beast and have to defend themselves, with whatever weapons they possess..a tragedy occurs Later the two tribes struggle for supremacy on the island.Will the wicked inherit the Earth And maybe the last outpost of civilization left is here This novel is a superb narrative of today s nations wars of conquest, anything is good as long as your side wins We did everything adults would do What went wrongFor me, this quote sums up the entire book It s a powerful exploration of humanity and the wrongness of our society and it also demonstrates the hypocrisy of war Adults judge the behaviour of children, but are they really any better I think not The scary thing about this book is how real it is The Lord of the Flies bespeaks the brilliance of realistic dystopian fiction, it gives you a possible world scenario, a bunch of very human characters and then it shows you want might happen when they are thrown into a terrible situation they act like monsters or humans What Golding shows us is that we are not so far from our primal nature, from our so called killer instincts, and all it takes is a little push out of the standard world we live in for us to embrace our darker side The boys act in accordance with what they have seen in the world though they don t understand limits Power creates authority and violence is a way to achieve the peace you want Sort of ironic isn t it They go to war amongst themselves and in doing so lose all sense of childhood innocence They grow up They learn what humans are capable of doing when pushed They become savages and reject civilisation and create their own sense of community, though in another display of irony this in itself becomes a mini civilisation just a one of their own accord without any rules and a nasty child tyrant enthroned as chiefWhat are we Humans Or animals Or savages The novel is rich in allegory to the point where it has been interpreted in so many different ways over the years Like all great literature, it could mean lots of things and nothing at all It s a very clever piece of writing and it got me thinking a great deal about children and how we protect them from the realities of the world It sort of says something to me, a quiet acknowledgement about how messed up things can be given the right circumstances and these children are so very quick to embrace it with unflinching enthusiasm at least, when one of them leads the way It s a good book with a lot of ideas though at times I found the prose a little hard to follow The dialogue is confusing at times and many of the children fade into the background with only a small few developing distinct personalities I found the first part of the story particularly difficult to read, so in terms of the actual execution I think it could have been done a little better I found myself wanting to edit sections of the text, which is not a place a reader should ever be in especially with a novel this revered by so many enthusiastic readers, critics and students Maybe I m just a little picky with word placement Overall though, I m glad I spent the time to revisit it There are so many pop culture references to this that a reminder was needed. Lord Of The Flies Remains As Provocative Today As When It Was First Published In , Igniting Passionate Debate With Its Startling, Brutal Portrait Of Human Nature Though Critically Acclaimed, It Was Largely Ignored Upon Its Initial Publication Yet Soon It Became A Cult Favorite Among Both Students And Literary Critics Who Compared It To JD Salinger S The Catcher In The Rye In Its Influence On Modern Thought And LiteratureLabeled A Parable, An Allegory, A Myth, A Morality Tale, A Parody, A Political Treatise, Even A Vision Of The Apocalypse, Lord Of The Flies Has Established Itself As A True Classic Lord of the Flies is one of the most disturbing books I ve ever read It was required high school reading and since then, I ve read it four times It is as disturbing now as it was then Using a group of innocent schoolboys stranded on an island, the author very realistically portrays human behavior in an environment where civilization no longer has meaning. We did everything adults would do What went wrong You did everything adults would do That s what went wrong.There is much to be said against this novel, and it has been said, eloquently, poignantly, many times Let me make a case for keeping it on the curriculum despite the dated language, the graphic violence, the author s personality There are two myths about adolescents, and this novel does away with them in a admittedly drastic way First of all, there is no general innocence in adolescents They do what grown ups do, but in a less mature and experienced way That means they cheat, lie and steal, and use violence to achieve their goals, and they are vain and interested in dominating and manipulating others But they are also caring, loving and resourceful, and willing to serve the community in which they participate.The second myth regards the helplessness and general dependence of adolescents, which is also only true as long as they have grown ups around Leave adolescents alone, and they will organise themselves The best example of what happens to a group of teenagers left alone is shown if a teacher in a civilised school in a civilised country leaves for just a couple of minutes If you have never experienced the amount of destructive power that is possible in that short time span, you might think Golding exaggerates Unfortunately, I can see any group of students turning into the characters in The Lord Of The Flies if they are put in the situation I even know who would be the leaders, who would fight, who would bully, who would play along, and who would go under Add teenage girls to the mixture and hell breaks loose.Reading this novel with teenagers if it is done with a big heart for their developmental stages and their hormonal glitches gives them an opportunity to discuss a topic they already know everything about from their own lives but often keep hidden from naive, romantic grown ups the heart of an adolescent has dark corners, and it is important to shed light on the pain young people are able to cause each other if they are under the impression that they are not seen by the higher authority of the grown up world.Teenagers are grown ups in training, and they make all the beginner mistakes without having the perspective to see the end of the tunnel Reading offers perspective They accepted the pleasures of morning, the bright sun, the whelming sea and sweet air, as a time when play was good and life so full that hope was not necessary and therefore forgotten So this was a book many people had to read when they went to school and in some way this already says a lot about Lord of the Flies Like so many of the books that are required to be read during people s educational careers this one wasn t only full of serious topics but also dealt with ethical values.I mean we have boys between the ages of 6 and 12 who are stranded on an island after they had a plane crash There is no adult who would force them to stay in line there is no authority that would tell them what s right or wrong They are left to their own devices and even though they were doing as good as you would expect schoolboys to do, they still were fairly decent at the beginning of the bookI agree with Ralph We ve got to have rules and obey them After all, we re not savages We re English and the English are the best at everything So we ve got to do the right thingsOh, how often I thought back to this quote when I read on with horror, every new chapter revealing another aspect of the dark abyss of human kind The morale dilemma of Ralph and Piggy was so intense that I couldn t help but feel with them whenever something bad and terrible happened They were the only ones that tried to get order into the chaos but on an island without any rules only the strongest remainI got you meat Numberless and inexpressible frustrations combined to make his rage elemental and awe inspiring I painted my face I stole up Now you eat all of you and I The fight of savageness vs civilisation was so tangible it hurt and I constantly found myself sitting at the edge of my seat hoping against all hope, that civilisation would actually win It doesn t take a genius to know that it didn t Why hold on to moral standards Why listen to reason if you can have a kingdom of your own Why should you accept someone else s opinion if you re stronger and can force them to obey your own rules You know it better than the others, rightIf I blow the conch and they don t come back then we ve had it We shan t keep the fire going We ll be like animals We ll never be rescued I know I m being provocative here but it is how it is The strongest will always try to rule the weak It s been done for centuries and I doubt that it will ever stop It s as much a part of human nature as breathing and let s face the bitter truth There s darkness in all of us We can only decide if we fight it or let it inLook, Ralph We got to forget this We can t do no good thinking about it, see I m frightened Of us I want to go home O god I want to go home The thing is fear can t hurt you any than a dream There aren t any beasts to be afraid of on this island If you ask me there certainly was a monster on the island or should I rather say that there were monsters Plural It weren t monsters that had been there all along though No, it were the monsters that had fallen from the sky, claiming the island as their own, doing as they pleased because they could do so without anyone to stop them The monsters on the island came from the outside and despite their claims to want to get off of the island they all knew that they actually wanted to stayI m scared of him, said Piggy, and that s why I know him If you re scared of someone you hate him but you can t stop thinking about him You kid yourself he s all right really, an then when you see him again it s like asthma an you can t breathe So in the end things took their natural course and got worse and worse The descent into savageness was inexorable and the book ended on a heavy note I can only speak for myself but the ending was brilliant Brilliant and shocking and so very, very realistic that it caused me to ache even Those stupid boys those stupid, stupid little boys shakes head Anyway, if you want to read a really good book which will haunt you days after you finished it, this should be your choice lol After all I finished Lord of the Flies almost a week ago and I m still thinking about it Happy Reading I hope you ll enjoy it as well view spoiler Those are two quotes that were perfect and moved me so damn much when I read the book Because they would spoil too much and would give away some crucial parts of the plot I didn t write them down in the actual review though Anyway if you read the book already you might as well enjoy them nowPiggy Uh That was Simon You said that before Piggy Uh That was murder And in the middle of them, Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggyhide spoiler Years after I read this masterpiece, it is still chilling Golding spins a yarn that could have been told centuries ago, primal human nature unmoored from civilization does not take long to break away and devolve into a feral thing.As good today, and as haunting, as it was when it was published in 1954 This should be on a list of books that must be read 2018 addendum it is a testament to great literature that a reader recalls the work years later and this is a book about which I frequently think. I hated this book First off, as I remember, it talks about humans failure to govern ourselves, or broadly the failures of human nature There are a few reasons why I think simply dropping a group of kids on a desert island does not in fact prove anything.1 These kids were raised in a capitalist, nominally demcratic society The first thing they do is appoint leaders As someone who spends my time working in consensus based groups seeking to challenge hierarchical structures, I have a strong belief that this is not how things need to be It takes a bunch of unlearning and relearning to use these formats simply being in a new space or being a child does not do this work The author and the children he writes about are a part of a specific culture, and it s incorrect to generalize these values to a broader concept of human nature.2 They re all boys Again, socialization yes, even of a 6 year old plays a huge role in what behavior we see as appropriate While it s quite true that men or at least masculinity control government, it s ridiculous to use only boys to extrapolate what ways of governing ourselves are possible.I read this book in 1996 when I was a freshman in highschool, so maybe there s something I missed Or maybe my memories are being colored by just how gross the pig s head descriptions were If so, feel free to correct me For now though, I have to say that this book is offensive and makes dangerous assumption. I read this book a long time ago, long enough to where I barely remembered anything past the basic premise So I picked it up again, only to wish I hadn t There s a reason why they teach this book in middle school in order to enjoy this book, one s intellectual cognizance must be that of a child, because otherwise you ll spend the entire time picking out everything that s wrong with the book And there s a lot to pick out.From what little of the story that is actually coherent, I can see why this book has had a lasting effect on social commentary since it s initial publishing The overlying illustration of how easily man can devolve back to his feral instincts is striking, yet could have been infinitesimally effective in the hands of a decent writer See, I would have cared a bit about the little island society of prepubescent boys and their descent into barbarism if you know, any of the characters had been developed AT ALL Instead, we re thrown interchangeable names of interchangeable boys who are only developed enough to conform to the basic archetypes Golding requires to hobble his little story along The Leader, The Rebel, The Fat Kid, The Nose Picker, etc Were he born in this time, I believe Golding would have done brilliantly as a scriptwriter for reality TV And the plot There s a plot I m guessing so, since things seem to happen, but it s kind of hard to tell since he spends pages describing irrelevant events that are never incorporated, characters that possibly exist yet probably don t, and using words that don t mean what he thinks they mean And as the main characters are a bunch of kids not worth caring about, thus goes the way of the story.And the prose Dear God, the prose Get it away It burns us So yeah, this book sucked It had potential There were even a few parts I internally squealed at in hopeful anticipation But whatever potential it did have was hopelessly squandered by a man who wrote like he d never written anything before in his life Don t waste your time. This book is horrifying I m scared like hell Totally.I was expecting an adventure book telling about some children who got stranded in an island, but ended up with goosebumps.A bit of synopsis A number of English school boys suffered from a plane accident causing them to get stranded in an uninhibited island The period was maybe during the World War II Trying to be civilized, they elected a leader for themselves as well started the division of tasks hunters, fire watchers, etc Things turned bad when there s a power struggle between the group leaders, worsened by various sightings of a monster in the island No, don t think about Lost because this is way different.No wonder I had goosebumps at the end, because this book is so true to what happens in the world today When men tried to govern themselves and started the whole process with goodwill inside , but blinded with egotism and lust for power, tragedy and destruction in society are inevitable.Human nature is corrupt, it only takes a trivial thing to make its nature controlled by nothing but malice This book represents a perfect allegory for men Culture fails repeatedly and no matter how hard we can repress it, nothing will ever stop the drive to become savages.Despite its length and easy to read narration, this is certainly one of the most haunting, powerful books I ve ever read Now I know why this book is listed in so many lists of greatest books in the 20th century.