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I went to college with the author, so I am somewhat biased in her favor, but this is an excellent historical romance with plenty of suspense elements This time around, Emily must clear the husband of one of her dearest friends of a classic English country house murder, and the investigation sends her to the anarchist underground of late 19th century Vienna. and a delicate battle of wills with the former lover of her fiance I enjoy Lady Emily s stories, and A Fatal Waltz didn t disappoint I might enjoy better to read about how Lady Ashton deals with her aristocratic London or Paris, but I liked experiencing with her Vienna of the time The plot has plenty of mystery, disappointments, and surprises Colin is as always an excellent pair to Lady Emily If she is a woman ahead of her time, he is not only supportive of her independence and investigative endeavors, but his missions are as fulfilling to him 3 stars and recommended for lovers of mystery and historical fiction. At Her Friend Ivy S Behest, Emily Reluctantly Agrees To Attend A Party At The Sprawling English Country Estate Of Lord Fortescue, A Man She Finds As Odious As He Is Powerful But If Emily Is Expecting Lord Fortescue To Be The Greatest Of Her Problems, She Is Wrong Her Host Has Also Invited Kristiana Von Lange, An Austrian Countess Who Was Once Linked Romantically With Emily S Fianc , The Debonair Colin Hargreaves What Emily Believes Will Be A Tedious Evening Turns Deadly When Fortescue Is Found Murdered, And His Prot G , Robert Brandon Ivy S Husband Is Arrested For The CrimeDetermined To Right This Terrible Wrong And Clear Robert S Name, Emily Begins To Dig For Answers, A Quest That Will Lead Her From London S Glittering Ballrooms To Vienna S Sordid Backstreets Not Until She Engages A Notorious Anarchist In A Game Of Wits Does The Shocking Truth Begin To Emerge The Price Of Exonerating Robert Can Be Paid Only By Placing Colin In Deadly Peril To Save Her Fianc , Emily Must Do The Unthinkable Bargain With Her Nemesis, The Countess Von Lange I got this from the library and read it in a couple of days, it was a good, quick read I enjoyed the first two books in this series even if Lady Emily is far too modern for a Victorian lady, she s a lot of fun I couldn t help feeling in this installment, however, that I almost wished Emily would fall for her lifelong friend Jeremy, I m getting a little tired of her and Colin making eyes at each other and teasing each other with their overwhelming passion get on with it, already Stop angsting over the dangers of her crime solving and his career as a diplomat spy we learn in this book that he s apparently not just a diplomat, but a Victorian James Bond, and one with quite a past, too The action begins to drag in the middle, as Emily rushes around Vienna trying to clear her friend s husband of murder charges, but it gets rather muddled between her investigation and Colin s spying activities Also, it taxes even the limits of my imagination as Emily follows and interrogates supposedly committed anarchists and assassins about whether they were plotting against the murder victim as if they wouldn t have simply killed her rather than tolerating her questions Instead one of them tells her how charming, beautiful and amusing she is, and another just keeps stalking her and leaving bullets around as warnings alright, already, you could ve killed her 10x over Anyway, I couldn t help hoping in future the action would includeof the wonderful repeating characters of Margaret, Jeremy, Davis the butler, and Emily s implacable mother, the scariest society matron since Mrs Astor ruled New York I m sure she d be appalled at the comparisonBut if you enjoy a Worth gown wearing, port drinking, Victorian heroine who also happens to be a scholar of Greek art and history, give Lady Emily a whirl, you won t be disappointed RATING 4 STARS In the third novel we travel to Vienna where Emily is looking for evidence to clear Robert her bff Ivy s hubby of his mentor s murder and finds herself in the middle of danger as per usual Who can she trust She also encounters Kristiana who is a former lover of Colin s and a fellow spy Will Colin still want to marry her after being reunited with the very lovely Kristiana I enjoyed it, but this is the juncture when we part each other I have a feeling this is just going to be much of the same for the rest of the series and the to and fro in this one like the other two have the potential to really wind me up So I quit on a relative high Enjoyed it but now I am done. Lady Emily Ashton and her fiance the dashing Colin Hargreaves are invited to a shooting party at the home of a very influential member of the government, Lord Fortescue Lord Fortescue has taken a strong dislike to Lady Emily and makes it clear that he plans to sabotage any plans she has of actually getting Hargreaves to the altar To that end, he has also invited the alluring Countess Von Lange Emily learns to her chagrin that the lovely Countess is an old love of Colin s who shares his talent at intrigue and spying The countess herself falls right within Fortescue s plan to try and sabotage Emily and Colin.However, the party takes a fatal turn when Fortescue is shot dead and Emily s friend Robert Brandon is arrested for the murder In the aftermath, things do not look good for Brandon as all the evidence circumstantial though it is point to his guilt Brandon, knowing that Emily has a knack at detection, implores her to help prove his innocence He is convinced that the truth lies in Vienna.So Emily with her friend Jeremy, The Duke of Bainbridge, and Cecile Du Lac departs to Vienna While there Emily plunges into Vienna society both high and low She meets Gustav Klimt and Empress Elisabeth She also frequents coffee houses and has dangerous encounters with anarchists and assassins In the course she manages to uncover a series of facts and motivations that lead to the real killer.I was so stoked when I noticed that this was out, but as I was reading it, it simply couldn t keep my attention I wasn t totally thrilled with this one One the good side, Tasha Alexander creates a great atmosphere both in Victorian England and in Vienna Set while the Mayerling incident is still fresh in people s minds, Alexander makes great use of that historical scandal Also, Emily and Colin are a great couple Alexander does a great job of conveying carnal longing in a very genteel manner Very in keeping with her time, place and her characters.So while the romance element, the atmosphere and the characters made for good reading, the mystery element was a curious let down The actual investigation into the murder was incredibly anemic It felt like Emily simply took in the sights of Vienna and met with people who simply told her things There was no real deduction involved so I can t say I was as delighted with this one as I was with the other two of the series I still thin Tasha Alexander is a fine writer and still look forward to the next in the series. 4.5 stars This espionage tinged installment in the Lady Emily mysteries really kept my interest I liked the mystery, set against a background of intrigue in Vienna However, I especially appreciated Emily in this book In this novel, she really started to stand out for me as a real character When the series opens, she is a young, fairly naive widow Throughout the course of this book, she doesn t suddenly become a smart, radical crusader, but we definitely see her learningabout the world and starting to developnuanced thinking in response I m enjoying the development of her relationship as well, and the testing it undergoes in this book made me appreciate the main couple even , even if Colin did sometimes seem a tad dense this go round. I m not really sure what to think of this book It is never good as a reader when an author decides to make the hero appear to be something of a cad to use a Victorian term and then doesn t bother to explain how he isn t, leaving the reader to think that smart and loving Emily isn t as smart as we ve been led to believe Emily doesn t believe in anyone blindly, at one time thinking her own late husband was capable of a life of crime But she doesn t question Colin when her own eyes and ears have proof that he s been up to. well, something he shouldn t and this is NEVER explained I can t believe Emily would choose to marry a man that has possibly betrayed her trust so blatantly This seemed both very out of character and, frankly, stupid.It seems that Colin and his ex lover or possibly current lover were the talk of Vienna, simply everyone knew their story And yet, we re never given the whole story Why bother to mention that it s so well known if we re never to know it This seems like careless writing to me and not what I ve come to expect in this series.Emily didn t immediately decide to marry Colin In fact it took her many months to make that decision, being happily content as a widow, not needing a man to take care of her and unsure of whether she wants to give up the freedom she has in that position So why then would she toss all of that aside I don t get it Not to mention that Emily enjoys solving mysteries, but this one she doesn t even give a thought to She doesn t attempt to learn all about Colin s past with his ex, or even his present relationship with his ex She seems very reluctant to even consider the question So since we ve been given her opinions regarding marriage, why then would she be in such a hurry to marry Colin when it appears that his loyalty to her hasn t been what it ought to be Balderdash I say Emily forgiving and forgetting without a single conversation regarding Colin s behavior just felt odd Colin had made a point of telling Emily that when they were married his fidelity would make her the envy of London, maybe he should have added Vienna to that statement But I d think Emily might have some doubts about a man who doesn t seem to be loyal to her even before they marry Badly done.Otherwise, the book is okay The mystery kind of meanders as Emily investigates the murder of a political leader who had lots of enemies and few friends that would have trusted him with their backs turned If you like the series, you ll want to read this installment. Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves are attending a party together, now that they are affianced And of course, since this is an historical mystery series, there is a murder It reminds me of Agatha Christie in that way wherever Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot happen to go, there will be a murder Christie tended to set her mysteries in a small town, to ensure that everyone knew one another In this series, Alexander had chosen a certain stratum of society, who all socialize with and gossip about one another.It seems that this series will also be a bit like Christie s Tommy Tuppence series too This couple will team up to solve murders and diplomatic incidents together, like Tommy Tuppence and their espionage endeavours I have no idea whether Tasha Alexander set out to model her characters after the Christie spy duo, but I will soon have the chance to hear her talk about her writing experience the conference that I ve been waiting all summer for starts tomorrow This is an engaging series and I will look for an excuse to read the next book as soon as I can.