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Ivan Korske and Bobby Zane couldn't be different they come from different backgrounds different lifestyles and they have very different values and ways of looking at the world and dealing with people Yet they both have the drive determination and commitment to self sacrifice necessary to become a champion In the end though only one will stand in the center of the mat with his arms raised in victoryHas each boy prepared enough? Sacrificed enough? Does each want to win enough? All the training pain running and cutting weight ultimately comes down to a few short minutes on a wrestling mat leaving one boy the victor the other devastated

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    I AM SO FREAKING MAD RIGHT NOWOkay enough all caps But seriously I am mad I was gifted this audiobook by SYNC during the summer It isn't a story subject I would normally find interesting nor would I choose to spend my time readinglistening to but it was free and I did find it interesting The character conflicts are what kept me in this book So I should be happy right? I mean I got to see the characters grow overcome their difficulties and make it to the thing they'd both focused on for so longButTHERE IS NO CONCLUSION NO RESOLUTION NO WINNERI know I said no all caps but I CAN'T BELIEVE I DON'T KNOW WHO WON I was rooting for one boy over the other I guess that's why the author decided not to give us the final outcomehe didn't want to leave us upset if our favorite didn't win But now I'm upset because I don't know if he wonand I never willFor my sanity's sake I will just assume I know the winner and the outcome of his future Oh and for those of you who wouldn't dream of picking up this book because it's about wrestlers you should give it a chance The terms for different holds or whatever they call it are mentioned and I'm sure a wrestle could visualize the exact moves but it doesn't interfere with the story being told I will tell you if you have no idea what a wrestler goes through for his sport and I didn't it will make you want your sonbrotherboyfriendbest friend to NEVER become a wrestler A sport reuiring such an unhealthy lifestyle should not for the sake of the boys playing it be encouraged in my opinion No offense intended to any of you wrestlers out there Kudos to you for being able to play such a competitive and hard sport

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    This book Pinned was definitely one of my favorite reads this year I really liked how each chapter would switch off from Bobby to Ivan I really wanted to keep reading because both wrestlers work so hard because all they wanna do is win the state championship I kept reading because every chapter would end on something that made you kept reading And not one chapter made me bored every chapter was really good

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    Personal ResponseI thought that pinned was a good bookbecause during the story it told about how much the effort it takes to be a wrestler There was very exciting points in this book like when Bobby almost got his girlfriend pregnant then what happened to Ivan's mom there is a lot of the different things you will want to read and I would have liked if this book went a little bit farther into the round where it was Bobby and Ivan wrestling for the state title and not having it stop at the start of the match Other wise I thought it was a great bookPlot SummaryWhat happened in this book is that Ivan is the best wrestlers in the state of New Jerseybut there's another wrestler who is good but has the determination to get to the state title which he does Ivan is from Lennings and then bobby Zane is from Milburn Bobby has both his parents and then in the contrast Ivan only has his dad when his mother died All Ivan's life has been wrestling he carved his mother's name into a wall thinking it will stay their forever which it will Bobby is a rich kid who is good at wrestling he had a girlfriend and he thought he got her pregnant in all reality he didn't but their was a problem He broke up with her half way through the thingsRecommendation I would recommend this book to anyone who really wants to know how much it takes to be in wrestling

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    I think this book was very good one of my favorite books now The main reason why I liked this book is because wrestling is my favorite sport I know how hard a person has to work to get to the next step in wrestling Ivan Korske is the main character in this book He is working on getting to the state wrestling tournament for his last year in high school Ivan is like most wrestlers that want to go to the state tournament That means you have to work then any other person on your team and even the teams you are competing against Some people don't know how hard you really have to work Ivan works so hard toward the end of the book but he gets tired by the second period and he doesn't know if he would be able to win and get to state He ends up winning and going to stateI think this book is for wrestlers boy or girls gender doesn't matter What matters is if you take the time to read the book and know what the book and the sport is about The age should be 13 to 17 because they will understand the book the most

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    Brilliant And the author is tremendously handsome

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    So I added this book to my to read list in 2011 And I have absolutely no idea why An intense book about wrestling? But I'm all in now taking it to the mat see what I did there? Anyway I have just started and so far not bad Martino is a very descriptive writer he does love his adjectives But you know what? So do I so I can't even hate on him for all that Stay tuned as I delve into the sweaty smelly world of high school wrestlingTensionMartino excels at building the tension in this story It's so thick and raw it's almost painful Yet you have to know what's going to happen so you keep reading There is here than matches and wrestling though Both Bobby and Ivan are struggling with some heavy issues Rather than weigh the book down these struggles and issues give depth and help propel the narrative forward As much as you care about what the outcome of the ultimate showdown between Bobby and Ivan will be you also find yourself caring for them as people and not wanting there to only be one winner There seems to be than meets the eye with Ivan's coach McClellan It feels like there is a backstory there and I wonder if it will be revealed or if it's just Ivan's hatred of him as a person unrelated to any eventThat feeling when you think you missed something? The whole IvanShelleyposter debacle Ivan was so enraged because he couldn't find his name Shelley said it was on there Why did he never tell her that he didn't see it and that's why he felt left out? Was he just being manly and hiding how deeply he had been hurt? I mean he is apologizing so why not go the extra step and come clean? I just don't know which circles back to feeling like I missed something Even after going back and re readingJust no No way I am so mad And let down What a cowardly way to end the book After all that tension all that build up could Martino not even handle it? I don't think it was genius or perfect it's reprehensible If you are going to get people vested in your story and characters have the guts to finish it to bring it to a conclusion It doesn't even work as a metaphor to have an unresolved ending it just cheapens the whole thing Such a disappointment

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a wrestlers head and know what they are thinking In the book Pinned by Alfred C Martino you will get to see inside two wrestlers minds as they go through their journey through their senior year season I would recommend this book to anyone that is a competitive athlete I enjoyed this book because I love wrestling I am also very competitive and I would like to know what other wrestlers are thinking or what they are thinking about before a match I could relate to this book because the boys in the book are in high school and going through some of the same things I go through In the first chapter we learn about Ivan Korske who is a wrestler in his senior year at Lennings High School who is extremely dedicated to the sport he loves He is so dedicated that on the first page of the book it says “Every night regardless of how tired or hungry he was Ivan ran When his running shoes were soaked from rain he ran When his fingers were numb from the cold he ran The night his mother died last April he ran Martino 1 Besides running he is doing push ups and sit ups every night he is always checking his weight making sure he is underweight Throughout the book he is always trying to get better to be ready to be the state champion at 129 poundsIn the second chapter we learn about Bobby Zane who is also a wrestler in his senior year at Millburn High School He did have a winning season the previous year but he is not as dedicated and prepared for this season like he should He is taking it for granted and thinks he will have a successful season He is not as focused because of his parents fighting all the time and he is worried about how it affects his little brother Christopher He also spends a lot of time talking to this girl he likes After the first tournament when he gets beat he realizes that he needs to work harder if he wants to be the state champion at 129 poundsThe story continues back and forth through both of the boys minds on things they are dealing with in school wrestling their families their friends and how they are mentally preparing for tournaments They also talk about the struggle they have with their parents about deciding on where to go to college and filling out applications They struggle with feeling hungry and feeling dehydrated as they try to stay under weight The boys also tell about their problems with teammates and coaches It also doesn’t help that the state tournament is coming up and they both know they will probably be wrestling each other in the finals I really enjoyed this book because I go through some of the same things these two wrestlers did It reminded me of how last year is the past and it doesn’t matter and that this year is a new year and I have to work hard to reach my goals and take nothing for granted As a high school student athlete you would find it hard not to have some connection with the main characters Pinned by Alfred C Martino is a novel that high school athletes can relate to There were several times while I read the story where I felt like I was really in Ivan and Bobby’s minds and not just reading a book

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    Publisher Listen Live Audio IncThis book is one I would never even think  of picking up  So how did it end up in my ears?  Well it was offered up as a free young adult audiobook from SYNC YA as part of their free weekly audiobooks during their Summer Read program  I have found that most YA novels are not just very well written but have stories that are intriguing  Except for that glittering vampire seriesThe basic story is that of 2 high school wrestlers in different parts of New Jersey and their climb to the New Jersey High School State Wrestling Champion  Both come from different backgrounds Ivan whose mother has recently passed away and Bobby whose parents are possibly divorcing  What kept me listening to the story was that each individual's climb to the same goal was so different from the other  While their story is told through the sport of high school wrestling which by the way has no ropes rings or folding chairs which is why on the first day of tryouts in high school i left it could have been any sport or common interest their story was in their dedication and progress  The ending will confuse you for a moment but after some contemplation you will reach that Ah ha moment  I loved the endingMark Shanahan delivered the audio perfectly and kept the story interesting with his vocal acting

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    PinnedBy Alfred c MartinoThe name of the book is Pinned by Alfred C Martino The lexile for this book is 670L That lexile is for 6th to 8th graders The book takes place in present day New Jersey It is about two really good wrestlers who live very different lives but have the same goal to win wrestling state Ivan Korske was predicted to win state and has many scholarship offers His mom died the year before his senior year He lives in a small town with a bad wrestling team and a bad coach He also is poor because his mother died The second wrestler is Bobby Zane the underdog who comes out of nowhere He is the team captain of a very good school which is ranked His family is also very rich with a mansion and nice cars Bobby also has some problems his parent are unhappy and want to divorce Only one of them could win the state titleIn the book both Bobby and Ivan want to win the state title so the theme of the book is to win state at all cost The big uestion is who will win Throughout the book both wrestlers have really good reasons they want to win Examples of this are ¨ If yall win the state championship I'm sure I can convince the committee to accept you¨ page 183 That is Ivan´s reason for wanting to win because if he doesn't he won't get to go to his dream college Bobby wants to win the state championship to prove to himself and his family that he is a great wrestler He also does it to be remembered at his high school as one of the best When Bobby´s parents split apart it drives him even to win Another reason why Ivan will do anything to win is because a year before his senior year his mom died and he wants to win for herThis book is not for everybody I would only recommend it to people that are really into wrestling If you don't know a lot about wrestling this book will be confusing I liked how in this book every chapter switch between the two main characters The only problem with this though is that for the first uarter of the book is very confusing It was also very hard to read because it would get very dull and boring throughout the book It was also very predictable throughout most of the book but there was a couple parts that came out of nowhere The ending of this book is left on a giant cliff hanger that will make you wish you didn't even read the book One of the my favorite parts in this book is when Ivan and Bobby almost wrestle in the begin of the year but Bobby loses his match and does not meet Ivan in the championship match Another one of my favorite parts is when Ivan gets a call from the coach of the college he wants to got to and he tell him he needs to win state to go to their college So as a summary I would only recommend this book to people who are really into wrestling If you don't know a lot about wrestling this book will be very confusing

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    Spoiler alertPinned is a great book for all teenage wrestlers to possibly learn new moves and for young kids to live in the life of a wrestler In the book are two characters named Ivan Korske and Bobby Zane The book talks about how the two different wrestlers that live in New Jersey and that go on a similar ride to the NJSIAANew Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association but they refer to it as the states They go through the season just to get there They both have fantasized about the states and going to it When they both get there they just look at the name of the gym “Jadwin Gymnasium” The only thing I don’t like is that the book ends with a big cliffhanger that says how both of them were in the finals and they don’t tell us who won the finals