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Volume 1 of a 2 volume work that uses 15 dramatic episodes in American history to show students how historians go about the business of interpreting the past It discusses historical methods within the context of an historical narrative so that students may learn about American history at the same time as seeing how historians use a variety of evidence diaries letters photographs and records and methods to explain the past

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    so fun to read this book uses chapters to illustrate how historical investigation uncovering the 'truth' of what happened in the past is euivalent to the seemingly glamorous detective work used to solve mysteries in movies tv and real life so engagingly written this book catapults students from feeling sort of blah removed and vaguely interested in the study of history to being on the edge of their seats with interest critically thinking and most of all vividly imagining what might have happened in the past and the most probable proveable way of how it happened Chapter on Salem witch trials especially juicy Rad read

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    THIS is what history is all about

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    Very enlightening and opens possibilities to what can be found then bald facts in textbooks

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    APUSH torture

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    Had to read this for my American History course in collegedid not like the author's writing style in this book

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    This book was purchased as a text book for Historical Methodologies but the book itself was very interesting and helped to change the way I view history and everyday current affairs The case studies were interesting to read as well

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    As a casual reader of history I very much enjoyed the view of how historians work The examples were very easy to followand covered interesting topics

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    Supposedly a primer for historical research Most it should come naturally from college history classes