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I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I appreciated the unique mix of stories that the book contained Even reading in broad daylight, some were quite scary, especially because a few of them did not seem that far out there I will certainly be locking doors and leaving lights on tonight, pretending I don t hear any unusual noises The stories I enjoyed the most were To Read or Not to Read by Vincent Hobbes Really great story idea Into the Small Hours by Patrick Greene Awesome Least Favorite were Finders Keepers by Janelle Garcia Glass Prison by Christina Estabrook Limbo, Population 458 by Vincent Hobbes Seemed similar to You Know They Got a Hell of a Band by Stephen King, but not as enjoyable Best Twist The Dragon of Delinar by Vincent Hobbes these book are great you got to believe in ghost fairy tale and folk talethey are a bunch of small novel in one book i was awed by the book i read it in less than 2 daythe story keep you on y our toes t her is some in i really like the one is the tribe sendthe best hunter out to kill the monster well he does and he kills i would think is 2 bearsbut he hear noise in the cave and then he see his buddies hanging on stick he does not know whothis thing is can you figure it out Mr Hobbes has one in the book the hour of time and that one i give 5 stars to it the guy thought he was late he was never late for noting and then wait in line to be called and then when he does get called he is taken to roomi will not say what happen but it not what i thought it would be great book and keep you on the toes Do You Believe In A Place Outside Human Knowledge A Place Where Myth And Legend Collide Where The Unthinkable Is The Mundane There Is A Thin Veil Between Reality And Make Believe When You Take A Moment, And Push The Veil Aside, Perhaps You Will See This Place It Is Not A Place Of The Imagination, For Everything You See Here Is RealNothing Is What It Seems Noises Are Not What You Think Nothing Is Off Limits No Place Is SafeIn The Endlands, You Might Find Yourself Lost In The Past, Or Trapped In The Future You Might Find Yourself Amidst Vampires And Werewolves, Or In A Most Peculiar Lost And Found Department AuthorsCristin MartinDavid StubblefieldJanelle GarciaCraig WesselTamara WilhiteNathan PalmerJordan BenoitJairus ReddyJennifer ChapmanChristina Estabrook Short Stories Of The Strange And Bizarre Vol 1 of The Endlands is a delight for lovers of the weird side of story telling The creator of this anthology is said to have been a fan of Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone, and that is definitely obvious in the story choices Featuring short stories about everything from strange creatures masquerading as politicians to body snatching demons, from cannibals to flying whales yes, you heard me right , the stories included in this anthology are sure to include something to please any lover of horror fiction or the macabre The story settings range from fantasy, science fiction, near future dystopianism, magical reality and to the just plain weird The writing is nicely done it is obvious that each of the authors has experience and talent in spades I tried oh how I tried to read it slowly, to savor the stories, but I kept finding myself shredding through the virtual pages as fast as I could, eager to find the twist that would make this story stand out, excited to find what disturbing item I would find on the next page, in the next story I highly recommend this book, full of wonderfully disturbing little gems of stories Don t miss it I recently received this book as a giveaway from GoodReads.The Endlands was an enjoyable collection of short stories from several authors All of the stories are written in the style of The Twilight Zone.The only negative I can say about the book is that it went by so quickly It left me wanting. Room 422 Patrick Greene A Night in Polidoria Cristin Martin Flying Fish David Stubblefield Limbo, Population 458 Vincent Hobbes Finders Keepers Janelle Garcia Loose Ends Craig Wessel To Read or Not to Read Vincent Hobbes Phases of Normal Tamara Wilhite Propaganda Nathan Palmer King of the Jungle Jordan Benoit The Hour of the Time Vincent Hobbes Thanksgiving Jairus Reddy Into the Small Hours Patrick Greene The Dragon of Delinar Vincent Hobbes The Best BBQ on the Interstate Jennifer Chapman Glass Prison Christina Estabrook THEY Vincent Hobbes I have to admit that I have a strong bias for old things old music, artwork, stories, movies, buildings, etc Although there are many wonderful contemporary tales available for consumption, I find myself yearning for the stories of yesteryear, in particular classical horror.I grew up watching shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, staying up way past my bedtime as a kid to greedily devour every creepy episode that played on my television set in the wee hours of the morning I d always lamented that to get my literary fix of the equivalent of these landmark TV shows, I was limited to reading H.P Lovecraft or the old dime novels or pulp magazines of the 50 s and 60 s Just when I had given up hope that I would ever read a contemporary novel that would carry on the tradition that Rod Serling and Lovecraft pioneered, I was graced with a copy of The Endlands by Vincent Hobbes.This wonderfully conceived anthology contains several short stories written by various talented authors including Mr Hobbes I am made speechless by the prolific writing and excellence of the stories contained within the pages of The Endlands There are no throwaway tales Each story is masterfully written, ranging from the supernatural to the macabre, all evoking a sense of wonder or terror What impresses me most about this book is that unlike most contemporary horror novels, The Endlands doesn t rely on cheap gimmicks or excessive gore to terrify the reader This is good old fashioned horror in the classic mode The psychological terror of the tales in this book will leave any reader with goose bumps.The stories contained within The Endlands range from horror, paranormal, fantasy, and sci fi, but are all meant to shock and stimulate the senses Though I consider all of the stories in this book to be noteworthy, I have to say my personal favorite was To Read or Not to Read by Vincent Hobbes This story sums up what The Endlands is all about.It s been a while since a book impressed me this much The Endlands is a book you won t soon forget I recommend this book to any reader who loves to be scared and isn t afraid to wonder what may happen when they turn out the lights.5 Stars I received this book for free from the Goodreads first reads program.I have been enjoying reading this collection of short stories I don t read many story collections, but I am realizing how much I like them A short story doesn t take much time commitment and can be finished in one sitting It is perfect if you have a busy life and don t have much time to sit and read You can finish a short story quickly and get all the emotional payoff of reading a longer novel Here are my thoughts on some of the stories.Loose Ends an interesting concept The story was very short but also a little poignant.To Read or Not To Read a fun story to read The ending was funny, in a dark humor sort of way I like stories about people who like to read This also seemed like a cool and unique story.Phases of Normal an interesting tale of a future where everyone tries to be the same.King of the Jungle the ending was a little predictable.A Night in Polidoria I just wondered why anyone would stay in that town.Thanksgiving I love stories about the reporter finding out that what is happening is way bigger than previously thought.The Best BBQ on the Interstate this one was fun to read But a little too easy for me to guess the ending.Glass Prison I think my favorite of all the stories I got a real sense of character.I did read the entire book I enjoy this genre and read quite a bit Maybe I have read too many books, because it was easy to predict where most of the stories were going I think that cut down on the shock factor of many of the endings This would be a great book for someone who hasn t read a lot of horror stories, and who s mind doesn t automatically jump to what would make for a scary ending Many of the stories were well written and it would be enjoyable to read from the authors. I read the entire book I enjoyed the read Each story is completely different and gives you a new feel with each one The mix of drama mystery and sci fi was a great and welcomed change with each story I thought the stories were all well written My personal Favorite without giving away any details was The Best BBQ on the Interstate by Jennifer Chapman I was on the edge of my seat with a need to know feeling the entire storyI also liked the story They by Vincent Hobbes The story flowed off the pages and the characters were likeable and real and drew me into the story Phases of Normal was another favorite of mine I read the story and it made me think of what the future could hold if humanity keeps going the way it is.Every story in this book was original and a great read Each story had something to bring to the table and I would recommend this Book to anyone who loves to read and hates to be board. Ok, here are my thoughts so far I am trying hard not to give too much awayRoom 422 Patrick Greene We ve run out of time, The short story Room 422 is a great opening for this book It appears to be a story about an expectant couple, but setting the theme of the book, there is another dimension to this couples future A very strong short story, telling just enough and leaving you in that lace where you work out the possibilities in your head.A Night in Polidoria Cristin Martin Eh, I see this one as filler I hate to say that about any story book because everyone of them has a purpose and this one I m sure has its fans But an oversaturation of the subject matter in the last few years has left me indifferent I did get into the story, and the writing is good But it seemed predictable But if I look at the book like a bowl of snack mix, this one will be with the bits left in the bowl after the parties over.Flying Fish David Stubblefield Starting off a little slow, this story caught me off guard I really liked it This one can truly be called an original, I can t even think of a book even slightly similar I love stories that make you go back and reread the last chapter to truly absorb what just happened The writing is good, easy to follow and challenging enough to race you through the pages While I think it is perfect in short story format, I kept thinking about the next phase in the main characters lives long after finishing.Limbo, Population 458 Vincent Hobbes Ok, this one is a creeper, the first of the stories to make me reminisce about the Twilight Zone The hair on the back of my neck started standing up as I was nearing the end At first I was distracted by my dislike of the character Sara, but that lessened with the balance of the strong and introspective John, realizing that all these characteristics are needed to place them in the town that is as much a character in this story as the married couple Very well written.Finders Keepers Janelle Garcia When I read a story like Finders Keepers I wonder how the author got to this place Do you put yourself in the story, as the main subject and flesh out may be a bad phrase to use the setting around yourself Do you write as if you are observing outside of it, as if an unseen presence in the room In this story I can t imagine where it came from The subject of a lost and found office and the object people leave behind while traveling could go in so many directions, but I never saw this one coming Short and searing.Loose Ends Craig Wessel I enjoyed the subject of this very short story It is indeed from another end of possibilities, but I m not sure how it flows with the other short stories as a whole While most of the others are organic and other worldly in a way, this one was in line with forces of technology The writing was wonderful and easy to be drawn into the subject was great and the idea unique I guess I m on the fence, liked the story but not sure how it fit together.To Read or Not to Read Vincent Hobbes I had to stop myself from jumping ahead to do the review for this one I think by far, I favored this one The possibilities for To Read or Not to Read could go further than a short story This is the one story from this book I can see as a full novel or as a screen play even The characters are fleshed out and real with just a small amount of information given, the description of the shop was just enough to feel I was in it and the pace kept me on the edge of my seat At first I was put off by the name, but after reading it over again and a third time it either grew on me or was cemented, because now it is To Read or Not in my head I ve always been the kind of person who loves dusty used book stores and now I ll be that woman peeking around corners for hidden reading rooms too I want to visit this bookstore Loved it.Phases of Normal Tamara Wilhite As a woman and a mom, this story made me wiggle around in my seat while I was reading The concept is intriguing, I am a fan of reading dystopian books and could see this expanded to be the result of what could happen if mankind tried to reverse a downward spiral of excess and hate Or maybe a socialist societies way of equalizing and control Well written.Propaganda Nathan Palmer I m not sure how I feel about this one, its one of those stories where you might try to self examine who the monsters really are which side are you on And it is an easy call if you only look at the subject overall But it wouldn t make a strong full length story, but in a collection of short stories it is well read I guess like the story Loose Ends it felt off from the others in a different way But I tend to lose my concentration when reading a story that repeats a word to often, the use of They is very liberal in this story.off to reread the restI hope this works, I just realized last week my continued review did not post.King of the Jungle Jordan Benoit Not a story I would pick up on my own, but enjoyable I won t give much away, but I think I could see what was coming half way through but maybe that was the writers intention I haven t read a straight forward hunter prey type book in a long time, but I think the tension could have been pushed up a little For someone who likes her hunt psychological than physical, my attention would dip here and there But the inevitable twist always helps end a story on a high note I could see reading from the author, unless it s a hunting manual.The Hour of the Time Vincent Hobbes Oh boy, how I love dystopian stories right now But I can t say that this story falls into that category Another creeper, and I hope to give nothing away before anyone reads it I skipped around and read this one early on and found myself going back to it a couple of times During a party I gave a quick synopsis of it to a few friends and everyone had a different reaction, as I expect most will who read it through I love the concept, and although I could see it in a longer form, I love it as a short story Because I love the idea of a short story staying in my head like an idea, a thought that pops back in there at unexpected times, you carry it around with you I have read plenty of novels that I enjoyed and think of from time to time, but a short can have staying power, the whole story stays with you This one comes to mind at the oddest times, just last week while waiting in an endless line at a popular farmers market I kept checking my number as the woman behind the counter called out which was next, I chuckled and thought good thing its extra sharp cheddar I m waiting for I love that, it makes some stories immortal to different people, and I would love to creat something like that Thanksgiving Jairus Reddy Ok, this could be really happening No, you know it isn t, or is it Ha, really I just love stories of double, sinister realities And I love that it s all in our government, who better to be the monsters When I first started reading this story I thought it was going in the direction of one of my favorite novels, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, but so not that outcome I can t believe a person who can barely clean her own cuts is saying this, but it may need gore I read this one as of a monster demon story than a high tension and jump out from around the corner story So I expect a level of flesh tearing or fighting, I think there could have been a little Not gratuitous gore, just letting the monsters be monstrous The writing is easy to read, I have a hard time sticking with a story when the author gets choppy during chase scenes But this has a smooth flow that carries you through it I know someone would point to V or others, but I could see this one developed and in a longer form or dare I say it, on screen Or maybe that s the writing it gives a good visual.Into the Small Hours Patrick Greene Oh I hate these stories, and I love them You know the stories that make you start looking behind you when you walk up the stairs to bed, look at shadows out of the corner of your eye, the short stories that embed in the back of your mind I have been traveling recently and one night when I was laying in bed in a hotel this story came to my mind Great So then I couldn t fall back to sleep, and I even started listening to sounds outside of my room Great So I m lying there not sleeping thinking of how anything could be on the other side of the door, those people are all strangers and I m alone and could just disappear Great I love it The Dragon of Delinar Vincent Hobbes I went through a time where I seemed to be gravitating toward medieval and Arthurian time subjects, ok I read a book or two But I do like when a story is of an alternate place but has these aspects, almost modern medieval I guess I should try steampunk Anyway I liked this story, I did, but I spent a little too much time thinking it didn t fit with the theme of this anthology They I got to the end and realized I missed the best parts, the little clues that are in the story that get you to the I knew it moment at the end So I had to walk away and go back to it Very solidly written and for a short story with many miscellaneous characters, they are well developed But it leaves you hanging What s going to happen to him How could it end there Another hate love tactic in a story, the most startling moment in the last few lines, love it.The Best BBQ on the Interstate Jennifer Chapman Ok, lets just get it out of the way, ewwww Oh, and mmmmm, I love barbeque Wow, what a story This was one of my favorites It has all the elements needed to make you start turning to the next page as your racing down the one you re still reading I was attached to the characters and could feel the environment, smell the air I loath to give any of the fun away, but I m sure everyone will put it together What a story, I don t know much about butchering, but I guess this is just possible enough to give me the chills the next time I go to that great BBQ place off the road in Austin I am glad in a weird way that the little girl ins in the story, her character seemed like another element to add to the tension, and the backwoods feeling of they have kids around during this Great story, and another I wished lasted a lot longer but loved as a short.Glass Prison Christina Estabrook Now I will add mirrors to my list of possible sinister objects This is an eerie story, and the thought of the person you trust the most being in question always adds tension I m already checking the shadows around my office the author did an excellent job making them into one of the characters And it s such a great fear element to be trapped, and in something that could be in full sight THEY Vincent Hobbes To be honest, I read this one first I just picked it because of the simple title I think I ended up judging the overall tone of the book from this story, the subject of each story fitting with this one Not a mistake, but not the best way to approach them This is the story that you read thinking you know what s going to happen, then reassess on each turn Then it jumps out at you, catching you almost off guard but still saying I knew it The reason this story is one of my favorites would be the focus on the characters Each character is a real person, fleshed out just enough to pull you in a little and that s important when you get to the last few paragraphs I also enjoy the lack of description of the bad guys, it is just classic horror Not knowing what they are up against almost makes it a different kind of scary Almost a campfire story to tell sitting in the dark, to give everyone a long sleepless night Enjoyed it.Overall, I really liked this book I ve suggested to a few people that share my interests The individual stories hold up on their own and most could be discussed in a book club I brought up a few of them at a party, and wow, what a conversation that became A few would be great as longer formats and I would be in line to buy the stand alone I look forward to following a few of the writers, I have a feeling they will be bringing us great books in the future.